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Kansas Can Vision – Individual Plans of Study

As the Santa Fe Trail School District begins a new journey in the world of accreditation, I felt it
necessary to begin informing you about the new model set forth by the state. The new
accreditation model is called KESA (Kansas Education Systems Accreditation) and is part of the
Career and College Readiness standards and Kansas Can Vision. This model will focus on 5
areas of evidence-based results. Those areas include Social-Emotional Growth, Kindergarten
Readiness, Individual Plans of Study, High School Graduation, and Post-Secondary Success.

The first area I would like to introduce to you is IPS (Individual Plans of Study). The goal behind
an IPS is for students to define their own ideas of success and develop a plan to achieve their
goals. It is never too early to start career exploration. By the time students reach junior high,
they will start developing a more formal plan. This will then follow them into high school as they
choose their curricular pathways and goals for Post-Secondary success.

Why is it important for our students to begin thinking about their future? As with all goals, you
need to Begin with the End In Mind. What do you want to do, what does it take to accomplish
the goal and what is the plan to reach the goal?

There are many benefits to building an Individual Plan of Study. It allows students opportunities
for flexibility, growth, choice, and change as they progress through their education. With the
support of our schools, students can feel comfortable changing their goals, making new plans,
and rethinking their curricular needs. This, in turn, will help them define more individualized
career pathways for their future. Santa Fe Trail’s vision is to support individual students needs
for successful lifework. We believe an IPS is an essential tool for this goal.
The following research has created a sense of urgency to the development of our IPS plan:

■ By 2020 70% of the occupations in the state of Kansas will require a certification or a
college degree
■ Those students only attaining a high school diploma stand a strong risk of never making
it into the middle class
■ Without a clear vision for postsecondary education, students often drop out resulting in
financial debt
■ We can not predict the jobs of the future we can only prepare for them

If you’re interested in learning more about this KESA focus area (IPS), go to YouTube and
search for KSDE Live Media Vision Training Modules. They are short 5 minutes videos that
target each area of the new accreditation model.

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