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Tier 2 Reading Group Descriptions

Phonics: Students work on skills to decode unfamiliar words.  Students exit the group once they can consistently read a grade level passage with 98% accuracy OR a designated number of correct words per minute. (3rd grade: Fall 71 CWPM, Winter 92 CWPM, Spring 107 CWPM; 4th grade: Fall 94 CWPM, Winter 112 CWPM, Spring 123 CWPM)

Miscues: Students work on reading grade level passages with 98% accuracy.  They practice reading while asking themselves: Does it make sense? Does it look right?  Does it sound right?  They are encouraged to take the time to go back and self-correct mistakes while they are reading.  Students also record themselves reading so that they are able to listen to themselves read and analyze their errors.

Fluency: Students use the Read Naturally Live program to increase their reading rate (see correct words per minute in the description for phonics) while still reading with 98% accuracy.  The program also includes comprehension questions.

Comprehension: Students are receiving additional instruction over the comprehension strategies and skills that have been taught during Lead21 Whole Group and Small Group Reading.  In addition, students get vocabulary instruction, as well as practice using text evidence to answer comprehension questions.  Students exit the group once they demonstrate consistent understanding of Benchmark (on-grade level) text.

Core/Advanced: Students in this group are reading self-selected text at or above grade level independently.  Students conference with the teacher over what they are reading on a regular basis.  Students are expected to complete a project independently upon completion of a book.  Students in this group need to be able to consistently demonstrate understanding of Benchmark (on-grade level) text.