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Driver's Ed Info

Driver's Ed Information (.doc) Driver's Ed Changes 2019 (.doc)

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Driver’s Education 2019 CHANGES!!!

There have been several changes to the process of Driver’s Education over the last two years.   


All students are now required to be 14 at the time of the classroom portion.  Previously it was just the driving portion.  So this will change the cutoff date to take Driver’s Ed at SFT to April 24th.  If your student’s birthday is within a few days of the cutoff, let me know, and I can tell you if it is possible to squeeze them in.

 If your student misses the cutoff date, here are their options:  (Remember, ALL students are required to have a learners permit one full year prior to getting a restricted)(Also, check the license options available)

1.  There are driving schools in Topeka, and they are able to be more flexible with the start dates etc. of the class. 

2.  Have your student take the handbook test at the DMV and get their Learner’s Permit.  All students have to have a learner’s permit one full year before getting their restricted license.  For example, say a student got their Learner’s Permit on May 20th of 2019 because they turned 14 on May 15th.  They could take Driver’s Ed at SFT in 2020, and once they pass, go in and get their restricted, as long as they have enough practice hours (minimum of 25 hours, with 5 of those at night; or the full 50 hours, with 10 at night that they will need before they get their lesser restricted license at 16.)

3.  Wait until April 2019 to take Driver’s Ed at SFT, not getting their LP until class.  The issue with this is they will still have to wait a full year from the date of being issued a LP.


All Driver’s Ed students must take and pass the Kansas Handbook test with me.  The test score and date must be entered into the KDOR portal before they can be entered into the system, even if the student already possesses a LP.  See the handbook test dates below.  CAUTION!!  IF the test is taken and failed 4 times, the student may not take the test again, or driver’s education for 6 months.  The handbook must be read and studied.  A practice test can be found at https://www.dmv-written-test.com/Kansas/practice-test-1.html.

Options:  I will have four test dates available for your student to take the Kansas Handbook exam.  The tests will begin after the classroom portion begins.  I have handbooks I can loan out to study.  There is also an online version that can be found at:  https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/dlhb.pdf

- April 17th -Enrollment meeting, 7pm, SFT Auditorium (parent and student)

-April 24th-must be 14 by April 24th (get ahold of me if within a few days).  Online class starts.

-Hand book test dates:  April 24, SFT LMC, 7-8pm; April 27th, SFT LMC, 11-12pm; 2 others, TBA.

-May 29-30-Final Exam, SFT LMC, 6:00-7:30pm.

-May 21-June 30th-potential driving portion driver’s ed.


COST:  $150.  $50 due prior to April 19th, and remaining due by May 3rd.

MANDATORY ENROLLMENT MEETING: April 17th, 7:00 pm, at SFTHS in the Auditorium.  Student and parent must be present.

Classroom: online classroom, April 24th thru May 30th.  Students must take a supervised Kansas handbook test with Mr. Erickson (April 24, SFT LMC, 7-8pm; April 27th, SFT LMC, 11a-12pm; 2 others, TBA). Students will need to take a supervised final exam at SFTHS on May 29th or 30th, between 6:00 and 7:30pm.

Students must pass eye screening (20/40 in either eye, provided by the school, if not passed must see a licensed practitioner).

Online Driver’s Education Curriculum - Prepared by Eric Hoffman - Santa Fe Trail High School

For the online Driver’s Education class we will be using the Drive Right: You are the Driver, 10th ed. textbook, which will be provided. To successfully complete the online curriculum for Driver’s Education you must complete the following with no less than 80% mastery:


  • 1 – Handbook Test
        • Standard Test given by Kansas DMV over driving handbook (supervised by instructor)
        • 18 Chapters Exams from Drive Right book             
        • Each Chapter Exam contains 40 questions (students complete online)
  • 1 – Cumulative Final Exam (supervised by instructor)
        • 50 questions covering all chapters


Students will be assigned a driving instructor.  That instructor will inform you of your driving times.  It is your responsibility to inform the instructor of times you are not available to drive.  Missed drive times could delay or keep you from passing the course.  Most all of the driving will take place after school is out and the month of June.  In order to pass the driving portion of the class a student must:


  1.   Students will be required to pass driving based competences:
    1. driving fundamentals
    2. turns
    3. parking
    4. urban driving
    5. highway driving
    6. rural driving
  2. Be on time to driving dates.
  3. Have mature behavior in car.


If you have passed both the classroom and the driving areas of the driver’s education class you will then receive a certificate of completion form.

Questions:  Regan Erickson, Santa Fe Trail High School, 1-800-836-9525; rerickson@usd434.us .