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Driver's Ed Info


Driver's Education 2020 facts and advice:

Fact:  Undoubtedly, at best, driver's education will be delayed from the normal classroom start time of late April and drive times in May/June.  At this time it is possible that it could happen for our district in late June/July, but that is to be determined.  I will put out email and social media information as soon as we have solid information, one way or another.
Advice:  Your beginning driver has to have a learner's permit (LP) for one year prior to them being able to drive to school/work (restricted).  Your student MUST have driver's education to get the restricted (unless they are 17 years old).  IF you are wanting your student to be able to drive to school asap, they need to study the Kansas Driving Handbook, and pass the test at the dmv. (All DMV's are closed until April 6th, and possibly longer).  If your student can get their LP asap, then as soon as they pass driver's education, they will be able to get their restricted when that one year date of getting their LP is up.  
Example:  Bill just turned 14 March 27th. He couldn't wait to drive, so he studied and passed the Kansas Handbook Test at the DMV when it opened back up on April 9th, 2020. 
Scenario 1: Driver's Ed was delayed, but started in late June, and Bill passed on July 30th.  On April 9th, 2021, Bill now has a Restricted license and can drive to/from school/work. 
Scenario 2:  There was no driver's ed that summer, but he was able to get practice in with his family.  The following summer he passed driver's ed on June 2nd, and he was able to get his restricted license and drive to work/school because he; had his LP for one year, and passed driver's ed.
So IF: your student is ready to learn to drive, and YOU are comfortable with them learning to drive, then they need to get their LP asap.  If you think they or you are not ready, wait until driver's ed.
I can't hand out handbooks at this time, but an online copy is found at:  https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/dlhb.pdf.   IF the test is taken and failed 4 times, the student may not take the test again, or driver’s education for 6 months.  The handbook must be read and studied.  A practice test can be found at https://www.dmv-written-test.com/Kansas/practice-test-1.html.
If questions, please email me at rerickson@usd434.us.
Regan Erickson
Physical Education,Health
Head Wrestling, Assistant Football
Director of Driver's Education
Santa Fe Trail High School