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CAC Tier 2 Reading Group Descriptions

Phonics: Students work on skills to decode unfamiliar words.  Students exit the group once they can consistently read a grade level passage with at least 98% accuracy OR a designated number of correct words per minute. (4th grade: Fall 115 CWPM, Winter 133 CWPM, Spring 147 CWPM; 5th grade: Fall 132 CWPM, Winter 149 CWPM, Spring 162 CWPM) (per Fastbridge CBM)

Miscues: Students work on reading grade level passages with at least 98% accuracy.  They practice reading while asking themselves: Does it make sense? Does it look right?  Does it sound right?  They are encouraged to take the time to go back and self-correct mistakes while they are reading.  Students also record themselves reading so that they are able to listen to themselves read and analyze their errors.

Fluency: Students use Read Naturally Live Program to increase their reading rate (see correct words per minute in the description for phonics) while still reading with at least 98% accuracy. 

Comprehension: Students are receiving additional instruction over the research-based comprehension strategies.  In addition, practice using text evidence to answer comprehension questions.  Students exit the group once they demonstrate consistent understanding of Benchmark (on-grade level) text.

Core: Students in this group are working on independent research or literary projects through novels. Students in this group need to be able to consistently demonstrate understanding of Benchmark (on-grade level) text.