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Driver's Ed Info


Updated Driver's Eduction Information (.doc)

5/22/2020 - Updated Driver’s Education 2020  *** Tentative Information, subject to change!!

Limited participants-because of the current situation, we will limit drivers ed to 30 students. Below are the guidelines used for filling the class roster:

  1.  Students that were enrolled at SFTHS during the 19-20 school year.
  2. Any USD 434 student that currently has a Kansas Driving Learner’s Permit
  3. Age (must be 14 by June 1), AND  passes the Kansas Driving Handbook Test, offered by Mr. Erickson at the enrollment meeting.


 If your student does not make the class roster, here are their options:  (Remember, ALL students are required to have driver’s ed AND  a learners permit one full year prior to getting a restricted)(Also, check the license options available)

1.  There are driving schools in Topeka, and they are able to be more flexible with the start dates etc. of the class. 

2.  Have your student take the handbook test at the DMV and get their Learner’s Permit ASAP.  All students have to have a learner’s permit one full year before getting their restricted license.  For example, say a student got their Learner’s Permit on March 1st of 2020 because they turned 14 on March 1st.  They could take Driver’s Ed at SFT in April 2021, and once they pass, go in and get their restricted, as long as they have enough practice hours (minimum of 25 hours, with 5 of those at night; or the full 50 hours, with 10 at night that they will need before they get their lesser restricted license at 16.)

3.  Wait until April 2021 to take Driver’s Ed at SFT, not getting their LP until class.  The issue with this is they will still have to wait a full year from the date of being issued a LP to get their Restricted.


ASAP--Email Mr. Erickson at rerickson@usd434.us to sign up for driver's education. Include student name, date of birth, and whether the student possesses a Kansas Learner’s Permit and include #.  You will then be emailed a date/time for your STUDENT to fill out the license paperwork, and take the Kansas Driving Handbook Test, with Mr. Erickson at SFTHS.

If the student meets all requirements, they will check out their chromebook, and begin taking the 18 chapter exams, which must be passed with an 80% or better.

ALL ONLINE classwork must be complete by June 26th.  IN PERSON final at SFTHS must be passed on June 25th, or June 26th.

IF students pass the classwork, they will be assigned a driving instructor, who will schedule them for 6 drives, between June 29-August 15th.

*Full refund given IF class is canceled because of COVID-19.

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Students must know before entering enrollment meeting:

  • Full name as it appears on their birth certificate
  • Student phone #.
  • Parent phone #.
  • Full address.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Height.
  • Weight.

Answer the following questions (be prepared to describe)

  • Are you a resident of Kansas?
  • Do you have any physical limitations that may require car modifications?
  • Do you currently have any physical, medical, vision or mental conditions that could make it difficult to operate a motor vehicle safely?
  • Have you suffered a seizure in the last six months?
  • Are you currently enrolled in drug rehabilitation or a habitual user of drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you have a current Kansas driver’s license?  Number if yes:
  • Is your license now or has it ever been suspended/restricted/revoked in Kansas or any other state?

(If questions, please email rerickson@usd434.us.  This process can be confusing without the current COVID situation going, so full efforts are being given to make the best with what we have.  Remember that a student must possess a LP for an entire year prior to getting a Restricted.  So if you get your LP now, whether you take Driver Ed this year or next, you will still have to wait one year for the Restricted.  So getting the LP now is key.  Drive Safe, hope to see you soon.)