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Santa Fe Trail USD 434



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Facilities Use Regulations

Please download the form and fill out the necessary information.

Regulations for use of USD 434 Santa Fe Trail Facilities and USD 434 Santa Fe Trail Facility Request Form (pdf)



1. School-sponsored and community/recreational activities have first priority for facility use.

2. When facilities are not in use for school activities and community/recreational, they are available to organizations, teams, and groups from the Santa Fe Trail School District, subject to the discretion of the USD 434 Santa Fe Trail BOE.  The district office will establish 3 facility use sessions during the school year.  Sessions will be for an hour and a half at a time, a duration of 8 weeks, at the cost of $200 per session.  The availability and allowed activities of facilities will be determined by the district office.  Costs of sessions will be established by the BOE.

3. The board delegates to the district office the authority to approve or disapprove requests for the use of school facilities. Permission to use school facilities may be granted under the following guidelines:

a.  A written form, available from the district office, must be completed and approved.

b. Teams wanting to use the gyms for practice must have at least 80% of their team made up of students from USD 434 Santa Fe Trail unless following KSHSAA regulations.

c.  There must be 1 adult for every 10 students.

4. If an activity is profit-making, a fee may be required according to printed board regulation.

5. Any expenses incurred by the district, other than utilities, must be reimbursed by the users. This includes any damage to district equipment and/or facilities.

6. USD 434 Santa Fe Trail patrons are limited to 1 session per activity period.

7. The signature reflects the person who will be responsible for the group or individual. By signing the request, the signee, on behalf of the group or individual, accepts all responsibility for accidents or injury to those individuals using USD 434 Santa Fe Trail facilities under this agreement and indemnifies USD 434 Santa Fe Trail, its officers, and employees, from claims or loss, damage, or injury.

NOTICE: FOB rental is $25 and refundable when FOB is returned to the district office.

Please make sure building is left clean, lights turned off, & doors locked. FOBS will not be activated until payment and deposit are received. FOBS could be deactivated and deposit non-refundable due to abuse of facilities and disregard of regulations.


Recreational and City Use

  • Recreation Commissions and the City of Scranton will be contacted prior to each session for their need for facilities.
  • The Carbondale Recreation Commission will have access to Carbondale Attendance Center.
  • The Overbrook Recreation Commission will have access to the Overbrook Attendance Center.
  • The City of Scranton will have access to the Scranton Attendance Center.
  • Open Gym times will be reserved for Wednesday and Sunday nights if sponsored by local recreation commissions or the City of Scranton.


Community Teams & Activities

  • All district students invited will be involved, or attempts will be made to do so.
  • Price of participation stated in a communication to students.
  • Length of activity is stated on communication to students.
  • Solicitation of participants made through district communications systems.
  • Activity is not for profit.


*These teams or activities will be allowed to use district facilities, for practice, at no charge.


Private Teams & Activities

  • Have tryouts to participate.
  • Do not attempt to find additional ways to involve all students.
  • Do not solicit through district communication system.
  • Do not include the price of participation.
  • Do not provide the estimated length of activity.


*These teams or activities will be considered private and will pay for the use of facilities.


Organization Fund Raising

  • Use of facilities for raising funds, by any organization, will require payment for the use of facilities unless waived by the board of education or its designee.