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Santa Fe Trail USD 434

Board of Education


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Board of Education Goals (pdf)

Adopted July 13, 2022





                                                          USD 434 Santa Fe Trail


                                                                  BOE GOALS

1. District Communication

Improve Communication to all Stakeholders

Responsible Party




1.1 Increase parent participation in communications


All Administration & Staff

Communicate with parents about the importance of accurate data (including email addresses for both parents) in the Student Information system. (PowerSchool)

Use reporting system to verify information

95% of parents' data in SIS is accurate and up to date

All parents are up to date in SIS and signed up for all modes of communication

1.2 Educate parents and patrons on how to use our communications


Technology Department.

All Administration

All parents know how to access the district calendar




All parents know how to sign up for school messenger emails and texts

All parents know how to access all modes of communication for USD 434

1.3 Communicate with families regarding classroom instruction, curriculum, and activities

All Administration  & Staff

District offers Meet the Teacher opportunities in all schools

Parent/Teacher conferences are offer in-person and virtual virtually

Parent meetings before each activity season

7-12th Grade is implementing IPS for all students.

90% of parents  are taking part in Individual Plans of Study conferences with students and school

All parents are involved in the their students individual plan of study to ensure their success

1.4 Communicate through a variety of modes



All Administration & Staff

Update and organize the school website to ensure usability, appeal, and access for all stakeholder needs

The website is the placeholder for all school communications

Supplement communication with, School Messenger, School Newsletters, Social Media, and other applications

Use all modes of communication to streamline school and district information efficiently and effectively for all stakeholders


1.5 Evaluate the effectiveness of school communication



All Administration,  Staff & District Leadership Team

Survey stakeholders and analyze data to drive growth and improvement:  including how they prefer to receive communication and barriers to effective communication

Compare internal and external data to calibrate effectiveness

Evaluate yearly growth and effectiveness to drive continued improvements in communication


2. Student Achievement

Improve teaching and learning through research based strategies that support students postsecondary success

Responsible Party




2.1 Increase student learning opportunities




All Administration & Staff

All schools will offer in-person, blended, online opportunities to learn.

Provide before and after school activities in all schools

Celebration learning in all schools and for all students (classroom, building and district level)

Provide enrichment opportunities on campus for all students in all schools

Increase off-campus opportunities and experiences for students (internships, job shadowing, field trips etc)



Provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of all students.

2.2 Increase stakeholder engagement in student learning


All Administration & Staff

Survey stakeholders regarding community needs and employability skills for high school graduates


Partner with stakeholders to enhance learning opportunities for students in all areas:



-Fine Arts

-Family engagement

-Business Partnerships

-Economic Development


Students graduate with certificates and employability skills


Develop a process to determine stakeholder satisfaction over time


2.3 Develop and implement a plan to address student learning loss and social-emotional needs due to the pandemic


All Administration & Staff

Provide Math and Reading interventions, SEL embedded teaching practices, and monitor attendance

Review current drug policies and drug testing to make adjustments and support students

Provide access to Drug and Alcohol Services

75% of Students at or above grade level in reading and math based on criterion-referenced assessments.

Communicate with and educate families about support services in and out of school

Refer struggling students to counselors and/or social workers for Tier 3 and 4 support

95% of students are at or above grade level in all core subjects

2.4 Analyze and improve current student achievement levels

All Administration and Staff

Identify and remove barriers to success

Provide effective mentoring for all students

Provide academic intervention programs K-12.

Create a culture around the importance of learning

Celebrations of Learning and growth at all levels for all students

The majority of students will score at level 3 or 4 on State Assessments

75% of Students will be at or above grade level in reading and math based on criterion-referenced assessments.

65% of students are at level 3 or 4 on State Assessments

95% of Students at or above grade level in reading and math based on criterion-referenced assessments.

2.5 Develop and align an  effective curriculum for all core subjects K-12


District and Building Administration

Align Reading and Math curricula K-12

Develop an adoption and review cycle for resources to support the curriculum

Adopt resources to support curriculum alignment

Provide effective and on-going training, coaching, and collaborations for all teachers

Use walk-Through Data to determine the effectiveness and fidelity of the curriculum

All grades and content areas publish an aligned curriculum map

All teachers work within the curriculum to determine effectiveness

Students show growth in Math and Reading over next 3 years

2.6 Continue to implement the Four Principles of Redesign

Building Administration and Staff

All buildings are actively involved in the redesign process

Students in all buildings have new opportunities for learning within the redesign principles:

-Real World Projects

-Personalized Learning

-Civic Engagement


Post Secondary Success Rate improves by 5% over 3 years due to more student opportunities for learning.

2.7 Analyze and improve practices to prepare for postsecondary success

All Administration & Staff

Students have an individual plan of study and school opportunities to meet their path to post-secondary success

Work with students to define success

All students are preparing for post-secondary schooling and/or the career of their choice


All graduates have a postsecondary plan

All graduates have employability skills

2.8 Develop an effective alumni tracking system to improve postsecondary success



High School and District Administration

Develop and administer an exit survey for all Seniors

Create an Alumni Portal on the district website

Survey alumni two years out

Survey alumni five years out to determine if they feel successful

Alumni are employed in a career of their choice

2.9 Review and analyze all student activity and athletic programs and facilities

District and Building Administration. Athletic Directors and Coaches.

Survey students and parents regarding needs and wants and expectations regarding participation, win/loss, and facilities

Maintain or increase the number of students involved in activities and athletics

Develop job descriptions and create clear and measurable expectations for all coaches and sponsors

Hold post-season meetings with coaches to plan for the coming years

80% of the student body will be involved in at least one activity or sport. (K-12)

Effectively evaluate all coaches, sponsors, and programs yearly

3.  Recruit and retain highly qualified staff

Responsible Party






3.1 Partner with universities for recruitment

District and building administration

Post job vacancies to the district website and to Kansas Teaching Jobs

Develop recruitment brochures

Identify and contact potential candidates

Attend on sight and virtual job fairs

Develop a Future Teacher Pathway and encourage students to enroll

Develop an exit survey and analysis of recruitment, retention, and attrition

Identify future openings and potential candidates

3.2 Continue to provide high-quality mentoring for new teaching and administrative staff



District and building administration

Highly qualified mentors

Train and support high-quality mentors

Carefully match mentors and mentees

Provide a stipend for high-quality mentors

Provide ongoing support for 1st and 2nd-year teachers and administrators

Administer Retention Surveys

Survey 1st and 2nd-year teachers each year

Analyze feedback for improvement (Entry and exit interviews)

Employ Instructional Coaches as soon as possible

Retain Quality Staff

3.3 Provide competitive salary/benefits

Board of Education, Teachers Association, Negotiation Teams

Work with SFTEA to review salary schedules and options.

Make base salary and benefits package competitive

Provide sign-on bonuses for early hires

Consider Increasing the early retirement bonus

Negotiate a very competitive salary schedule and benefits package

Establish recruitment and retention bonuses

Increase early retirement bonus

3.4 Improve the district and building climate and culture


All Administration & Staff

Address social and emotional needs of staff.

Provide opportunities for staff to express concerns

Listen and encourage collaborative decision-making

Create opportunities for all staff to have a voice in finding solutions

Celebrate Learning


All staff feels valued and respected

All staff wants to continue working at USD 434

3.5  Provide evidence-based professional learning and resources

All Administration & Staff


Personalized professional learning opportunities for staff are provided and incentivized during the summer and school year

50% of staff embeds professional learning in their classrooms and assigned positions as indicated by classroom walkthroughs from the administration

100% of staff embeds professional learning in their classrooms

Instructional leaders use triangulation of data to determine the fidelity and effectiveness of instructional practices

Host summer symposiums in district

3.6 Recognize and celebrate success.

Board of Education & All Administration

Recognize staff through shoutouts in building and district newsletters

Celebrate staff at faculty meetings


Recognize district and building teachers of the month and year

Recognize staff at Board Meetings

Write articles for the newspaper about staff success

Nominate teachers for State and National Recognition

Standardized Kansas Teacher of the Year for nominated district teachers

Nominate staff to Horizon Teacher award participation

3.7 Hires and retains highly-qualified classified staff

District and building administration

Post job vacancies to the district website, local newspaper, and to Kansas Teaching Jobs

Develop classified job descriptions


Identify and recruit potential candidates

Develop an evaluation tool to conduct yearly evaluations

Host onsite or virtual job fairs



Develop an exit survey and analysis for recruitment, retention, and attrition

Identify future openings and potential candidates

4. Community Involvement

Responsible Party




4.1 Build trust with the community and staff through effective communication and improved transparency

All Administration,  Staff & District Leadership Team

Mail Newsletter to all residents 4 times per year

Develop and sustain Building and District Leadership teams with various stakeholders

Increase site councils' participation

Develop a Site Council report to the board twice per year

Host Town Hall meetings in each community each year

District administration meet with each building staff at least once per year

Meet with and build partnerships with community leaders

Publicly recognize staff and community members for outstanding achievement

4.2 Improve district enrollment through online PowerSchool processes and procedures

District administration and technology department

Develop and implement a seamless online enrollment process

Open online enrollment in early summer each year. Projected before July 1

District enrollment process meets the needs of all parents and students

4.3 Partner with City Parks and recreation directors and other athletic leaders in our communities

Board of Education District and Building Administration and Staff

Meet with City Parks and Recreation Directors and other community athletic leaders to identify areas of need and cooperation




Review and amend board policy as deemed appropriate

Establish ongoing review and assessment process to review effectiveness

5.0 Budget and Facilities

Responsible Parties




5.1 Continue to monitor and effectively prioritize the use of district funds.

Board of Education and Superintendent

Fund and effectively maintain all existing programs

Prioritize the use of all local, state, and federal funds and increase reserves

Effectively plan for and prepare the district for potential decreases in state funding

5.2 Continue to Improve the existing facilities through the effective use of capital outlay funds

Board of Education, district and building administration

Prioritize projects to be funded through capital outlay funds

Develop and implement a capital outlay plan

Develop a three to five-year capital outlay plan for all district facilities

5.3 Monitor and review all existing contracts and agreements with outside companies

District and building administration

Review contracts and agreements for food service, electrical, HVAC and technology

Develop a 3 to 5-year review and bid cycle

Make recommendations to the BOE

Adopt and implement the new review and bid cycle

5.4 Review the existing grade level configuration in our district facilities

Board of Education, administration, district leadership team, and building site councils

Research and determine the most effective grade configuration for delivery of instruction

Survey the staff and community regarding facility use and configuration

Make recommendations to the Board of Education about the best use of our facilities for education

6.0 School Safety and Security

Responsible Parties




6.1 Provide a safe and secure learning environment in all district facilities.

Board of Education, Administration, and all district staff.

Schedule and perform all emergency drills in buildings with staff and students

Provide ALICE training for all staff w/ yearly reviews

Review Safe Defend with staff every year

Do yearly research and implement updated emergency procedures to keep schools safe. 

Conduct building evaluations for safety improvements

100% of staff and students feel prepared about emergency procedures

6.2 Use Effective crisis plans to provide proactive readiness in case of an emergency

All Administration, and Staff Committees

Review all district crisis plans yearly

Develop a detailed and universal crisis plan for use by the crisis team

Develop a simple and usable crisis response plan for use by the majority of staff

Develop aligned and easily understood crisis plans across the district to maintain consistency

100% of staff feel very prepared and knowledgeable in case of an emergency

Adopted July 13, 2022