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Newsletter from SFT Superintendent's September 23, 2022

Dear Patrons, Families, Students, and Staff,

Fall is here to transition us out of summer and prepare us for winter.  Take these last few months before old man winter hits to get outdoors with your families.  Santa Fe Trail hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor events for our students and community.  Please join us and get involved in your local school district activities. Family and community engagement with schools is key to student success and growth throughout their time in school.  Whether you are a parent or grandparent, local business owner, community leader, retired citizen, or other, there are several ways to get involved.  Please check out the district calendar, reach out to your community school, and talk with your child’s teacher.  We would appreciate a strong partnership with you all. 

USD 434 Goals 

This week we are sharing our fourth goal that was adopted by the USD 434 Board of Education.  It is important that we partner with all stakeholders to achieve our goals and continually work to improve our district. Working together we will make a difference for all students. 

Board Goal #4- Community Involvement

  1. Build trust with the community and staff through effective communication and improved transparency.
  2. Improve district enrollment through online PowerSchool processes and procedures.
  3. Partner with city Parks and Recreation directors and other athletic and activities leaders in the community.



I’d like to give some kudos to Ms. Reba, my kids’ bus driver! She always starts and ends my kids’ day with a smile and some kind words. Ainsley got off the bus upset one day (she was mad at her brother), after Ms. Reba’s route she called me to ensure Ainsley was ok. Bus drivers are so influential in our kids’ day-to-day lives and a happy greeting in the morning may be just what a kid needs to have a great day or to turn a not-so-great day around! 

    ~Kylie Hastings


Shout out to my classroom teachers! I have seen so many good things in the classrooms this week!  Just to name a few: classroom mission statements, posted objectives, classroom goals with rewards in place for achievement! You have been putting in the hard work for these students and we appreciate you! 

Mrs. Rusche, Mrs. Fawl and Mrs. Colvin have been putting in countless hours to help the students achieve greatness with a team-teaching approach and modeling of lessons. Keep up the fantastic work. 

    ~Lorle Bolt


Shout out to Ashley Michaelis and her 7th and 8th grade Innovations class. They have done an outstanding job on their Charger News broadcasts. The students in this class collaborate to create a news segment each week that highlights all the happenings at CAC. As spokesman to our student body, they represent our school in a positive way!

Shout out to Renae Linke and her 8th grade STEM class. Today they are taking a short field trip in Carbondale to tag Monarch butterflies. These monarchs, along with hundreds of thousands of others, will migrate to their wintering ground in Mexico where they will hibernate. Their 4th generation of reproduction will then return in the spring. This will be a super cool experience for our students!

    ~Jodi Testa and Austin Hershberger


I want to give a shout out to Mrs. Mayes for always going above and beyond. Thanks for making homecoming week a memorable week for everyone involved. It does not go unnoticed.

    ~HS Staff Member


Shout out to Mary Burgett and Alicia Amborski.  They represented SFT at the State KAY Sponsors Conference on September 19 at Rock Springs. 

A big thank you to Mrs. Mayes for helping with the JV Volleyball tournament, even after her huge week of work for homecoming.  I would also like to thank Leslie Joyce and Brenda Dahl for their help. And finally, the Varsity Volleyball team who did a great job of filling in wherever needed.

Thank you to Keith Johnson for letting us borrow his trailer to get the golf carts for the homecoming ceremony.

Thank you to Keith Persinger and the Lamont Hill Golf Course for loaning us the golf carts for the homecoming ceremony.

    ~Patrick Graham


Lorle is displaying her awesome leadership skills during morning collaboration with staff. The data analysis that she is leading staff through is perfect and the vision of what we all wanted during collaboration time!!  I love the plan of action that you laid out to guide your staff through the steps of analyzing data and digging into their classroom data from FastBridge. I loved coming to your collaboration and was amazed by the work that you are leading your staff through.

    ~Carrie Mugridge


Kaitlyn Ball is a tremendous member of our school.  Not only does she support all operations of the preschool but she has taken on a new role to do our data and state reporting.  This is a very important job for district school funding and compliances at the state level. Thank you for taking on this new role….she’s also the awesome new CHEER COACH for our Junior High.  You are making such a difference in our schools.

A second thank you to Megan Pena for transitioning and training Kaitlyn in this new role.  Your expertise and skills are incredibly valuable.  Thank you for being a great support system!

Preschool teachers are working hard each day to support our youngest chargers.  They are also goal setting and action planning both pre-academic and social emotional goals for our school to ensure kindergarten readiness.  Great work and collaboration the past few weeks!

Carrie Mugridge is our new Director of Curriculum at Santa Fe Trail.  She is working with teachers and administrators daily to ensure supports and resources for everyone.  There is so much work she is also doing behind the scenes to collect data and review our student’s growth. Keep up the good work.

A HUGE shout out to the district office personnel.  Kaylee Boyd, Amy Hill, and Rhonda Fulton are involved in so many district operations.  This school district could not run effectively without all they do.  Your hard work is noticed every day! Thanks for all you do for me and this district!

    ~Faith Flory

It’s Great to be a CHARGER!


Have a great weekend,

Faith Flory, Deputy Superintendent

Jim Lentz, Superintendent of Schools